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What Makes HEAT Great

UHD Quality

Enjoy each of the multi-million pixels our shows record in, thanks to our impressive 4K camera and capture system. Read More


With our programming on Hofstra Channel 32.2 and HD live stream, HEAT never sleeps. Enjoy high-quality content whenever and wherever on your television, computer, and mobile devices. Read More


HEAT's five shows and their crews pride themselves on the first-rate content they produce. We do not stop at the minimum amount of work. We aspire to match professional television networks from our programming to our promotion, and branding. Read More


HEAT prides itself on continuing the education of LHSOC students by providing the resources to develop their television production skills. Utilizing LHSOC's state-of-the-art 4K recording suite and control room facilities, HEAT is at the front edge of innovation. Read More

What Our MEMBERS Say

Kathleen Hickey / Class of 2016 / TV Production & Global Studies BA

HEAT helped me gain industry experience, and I also gained lifelong friends.

Molly Holtzinger / Class of 2015 / Associate Producer at Refinery29

Your peers become your family. I met some of the most creative and kind people who pushed me further in my writing.

Rob Dalton / Real-Time Technology Developer at NBCUniversal

Being part of the team that launched HEAT was the highlight of my time at Hofstra.

Joseph J. Pentz, CTS / Former Program Director / Class of 2015 / Sales Support Engineer at Diversified Media Group

HEAT helped me get a full time job.

Ali Bonaviso / Junior TV Production B.S. Major / Two Weeks Notice Producer

I found a family at the HEAT Network.

Cole Hallman / Senior Film/TV B.S. Major / VP Hofstra Filmmakers Club

The HEAT Network is a great source of vitamin C ….from all of the studio lights!

Ani Ghazarossian / Senior TV Production B.S. Major / Hofstra Today Production Manager

The HEAT network is great because we are the hottest club on campus.

Meet Our E-Board

Nick Proto General Manager | Senior Film/TV Production Major As General Manager, Nick oversees the development of HEAT. He manages the Network’s branding, promotion, and new program production.
Kaitlin Purcia Associate General Manager |Senior TV/Business Production Major As Associate GM, Kaitlin manages the operation of all HEAT show. She directs overall show and content production, as well as HEAT’s social media.
Bobby Mitchell Program Director | Senior TV Production Major As Program Director, Bobby administers HEAT’s technology and channel operation. He also runs the Network’s live stream, ensuring HEAT is always online.
Adam Stark Director's Cut Producer | Senior TV Production Major Hailing from Los Angeles, Adam has an ambitious interest in film and television production, and aspires to redefine quality programming on Director’s Cut.
Dominique Rainone Director's Cut Producer | Senior TV Production Major From Manalapan, NJ, Dominique has an avid passion for producing both film and TV content, and is thrilled to be on the Director’s Cut team.
Sarah Bazzoli Hofstra Today Producer | Senior Film/TV Production Major From Wilmington, DE, Sarah has a reputation for being talented and dedicated. She has been an active member of HEAT from day one at Hofstra.
Jessica Ma Hofstra Today Producer | Senior Journalism Major Jessica is a heavily-involved LHSOC student from Upper Saddle River, NJ, and is very excited to continue the Hofstra Today legacy.
Brandi Hutchinson Sports Beat Producer| Junior TV Production Major From Allentown, PA, Brandi is a sports fan and TV producer by nature. She hopes to bring her passion and expertise to every Sports Beat show.
Nicole Vuono Thursday Nite Live Producer | Senior TV Production Major From Staten Island, Nicole is extraordinarily talented and has been deeply involved with HEAT and HTVi productions since her freshman year.
Kenton Scott Thursday Nite Live Producer | Senior TV Production Major Native to Carrollton, TX, Kenton has moved up the ladder of TNL and its comedy piece productions to finally produce the flagship show itself.
Ali Bonaviso Two Weeks Notice Producer | Junior TV/Business Production Major Originating from New Rochelle, NY, Ali entered the HEAT fray best known from co-piloting Two Weeks Notice. She is excited to create a legacy for TWN.
Kimberly Gazdek Two Weeks Notice Producer | Senior TV/Buisness Production Major From Jackson, NY, Kim has been a part of HEAT from the beginning of her Hofstra career. She is enthusiastic about furthering the success of TWN.
Dr. Peter Gershon HEAT Adviser | Associate TV Professor | Supreme Commander Dr. Peter Gershon acts as an adviser in all matters involving show development, personnel safety, and university relations.

Our Numbers

4547 Social Media Followers
10.5 Hours of Programming a Semester
179 Active Members
15493 Cups of Coffee Consumed