A Community for All

The HEAT Network and its affiliates encourage tolerance for people across all ethnic and religious groups. In addition, we put forth our best effort to hold a non-partisan view on political stances as our members come from various, unique backgrounds and beliefs.

As as a member of the greater Hofstra University community, HEAT has a role to play in ensuring each student is respected for their beliefs. As Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz has shared with both students and faculty:

A university must be a place where learning and scholarship can take place freely, and that free exchange requires an environment of dignity and respect for all.

While we may not all share the same political or religious ideologies, it is paramount that we share the same appreciation for one another.

With that said, the HEAT Network holds a strict standard of ethics [in accordance with university conduct]: we do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, or homophobia. Besides being mentally and even sometimes physically damaging, such attacks on individuals’ rights diminish our society as a whole, and prevent progress for cultural advancement and community well-being. The HEAT Network holds the right at any time to eject and ban a member if they violate this standard of ethics, as well as reporting persons to university officials through faculty channels.

Remember, when we all work together we are a stronger community.

Please feel free to contact the HEAT leadership at any time to vocalize your concerns or ideas. If you feel threatened at any point by another person or group on campus, please contact the Saltzman Center at 516-463-5635 or Public Safety at 516-463-7878 (non-emergencies) / 516-463-6789 (emergencies).


The HEAT Network Executive Board