Director’s Cut

Unraveling the magic behind the movies

Produced by Jason Abdow and Matt Vasquez

Director’s Cut is an interview spotlight style television series created in 2007 by LHSOC student Nicole Samartino. In each of its 30-minute episodes, Director's Cut showcases one or several Hofstra student filmmakers and their work. Episodes contain interview segments with filmmaker guests, and a pre-recorded bio-shoot that is an overview of the filmmaker themselves. Usually, a trailer or short clip is shown from the guest's film.

HEAT shares a unique tie with the Hofstra Filmmaker's Club (HFC). Many HFC filmmakers make their way to Director's Cut by invitation of the show's producers. However, all filmmakers across the departmental level  and extracurricular outlets are welcome guests on the show.


2017 - 2018: Nicole Buckley and Matt Vasquez

2016 – 2017: Dominique Rainone & Adam Stark

2015 – 2016: William Meade & Sarah Wach

2014 – 2015: Cheyenne Britt & Daniella Scaglione

2013 – 2014: Kristina Lally & Becca Meyer

2012 – 2013:  Megan Corcoran & Dannon Lucia

2011 – 2012:  Jocilyn Martin & Allison Maurer

2010 – 2011:  Kate Conneally & Bennett Tyler

2009 – 2010:  Andrew Rezin & Grace Lancaster

Spring 2009:  Victoria Podesta & Steven D’Ambrozio

Fall 2008:  Leigh-Anne Pike & Jennifer Dimatteo

2007 – 2008:  Nicole Samartino