HEAT Gear X – Coming Soon

Are you ready for HEAT GEAR X?

Get ready for more quality and affordable products to show off your love for the HEAT Network. HEAT GEAR X is an exciting update to our merchandaise store. When available, you will be able to maneuver around this store as swifty and easily as you would any of your favorite online stores.

Here are some of the exciting features we will soon be offering:

Pay with Credit & Debit

Checkout easily and securly with Stripe.

PayPal Support

Use your PayPal account for quick payments.

Great Gifts

Celebrate properly with gifting gear to friends and family.

Shipping Options

Not on campus? No worries, we'll send you your gear.

Create an Account

Personalize and securly store your information and payments for faster checkouts.

Supports the Shows

Gear sales directly go back into the development of your favorite shows.