Network Roles


The General Manager (GM) is the highest ranking officer of HEAT and is responsible for the direction of the Network. The GM oversees show development, promotion, marketing, board meetings, and finances. Branding is upheld by the GM, as well as all public relations concerns alongside the Associate General Manager. Another duty of the GM is to have regular meetings with HEAT's faculty adviser to discuss new programs, university relations, and personnel concerns.

Meaghan Roderick is the sitting GM.


The Associate General Manager (AGM) acts as the second ranking officer of HEAT and is responsible for supervising show production. The AGM regularly meets with show producers to discuss any development or concern the shows may have. The AGM also focuses on HEAT's social media outreach alongside the General Manager, including assistance with finances. Should the General Manager ever be unavailable to precede over the Network, it is the AGM's role to manage proceedings.

Megan Adams is the sitting Associate General Manager.


The Program Director (PD) directs HEAT's technology and technical programming. The PD oversees HEAT's channel on campus as well as the Network's HD livestream services, including scheduling of shows. The PD is responsible for conferring with the LHSC's engineer team regularly, including relaying any issues to the General Manager or Associate General Manager.

Zach Faretra is the sitting PD.


The role of HEAT's Advisor is to guide and direct the Network's student leadership in compliance with university relations and guidelines. This role is only occupied by a faculty member. The General Manager convenes with the Advisor regularly to discuss the Network's development and any issues that may arise. Additionally, the Advisor will attend multiple shows a semester to supervise production and safety. When able, the Advisor will also attend HEAT board meetings to offer advice concerning developing affairs, voting, constitutional amendments, and scheduling.

Dr. Peter Gershon is the sitting advisor.


Each of HEAT's five shows requires dedicated, enthusiastic, and confident producers to lead their development. Becoming a HEAT show producer is a feasible goal by any member, as well as a significant achievement. Thanks to the experience HEAT shows provide, our producers are notably more successful in job interviews and networking opportunities, as the position is a distinguished resume item. All of our show producers are very excited to help new and current members crew the shows.

Each spring semester, two to four associate producers are selected to shadow a show's producer team. During this process, these APs are trained on the show's procedures, and eventually, two of APs are chosen to become the show's future producers.