Thursday Nite Live

Endless laughter for everyone

Produced by Gabby Oliver and Ty Dalrymple

Thursday Nite Live is a sketch comedy style television series created by Joseph Lombino in 2001. It began as a late night talk show after winning a pilot competition after the inception of HEAT.  Over the years, it has developed into the live sketch comedy show it is today.

TNL episodes are each an hour long and feature a combination of live sketches and pre-produced packages, as well as live musical performances. A studio audience is invited to laugh along with the show, with crowds averaging up to sixty to seventy people a show. Each year, new members are chosen for TNL's live sketch cast. Anyone is invited at the beginning of a fall semester to audition for these talent roles. Anyone, cast member or not, can appear within TNL's prerecorded packages, however.

Due to the grand scope of its production and expansive cast and crew, TNL symbolizes a flagship show on HEAT bringing together many different majors to produce exceptional television. There are many moving parts to TNL, but thanks to the dedication and talent of our members, the show comes together each time.

The producers hold general meetings every Thursday at 8 PM in Studio A. These meetings involve the pitching of story ideas for package productions, as well as a separate meeting for the principal writers of the show. All are invited to attend, anytime of the year.


2020 - 2021: Gabby Oliver & Ty Dalrymple

2019 - 2020: Brittany McGowan & Sean McNally

2018 - 2019: Brittany McGowan & Michael O'Rourke

2017 - 2018: Jillian Laganelli & Michael O'Rourke

2016 – 2017: Kenton Scott & Nicole Vuono

2015 – 2016: Emily Eldredge & Kenton Scott

2014 – 2015: Rose Sena & John Yostpille

2013 – 2014: Emilie De Sainte Maresville & Ciarra Musson

2012 – 2013:  Emilie De Sainte Maresville & Michelle Vacante

2011 – 2012:  Justin Fiksel & Lisa Lamontagne

2010 – 2011:  Lisa Lamontagne & Erin Mardon

2009 – 2010:  Megan Kostel & Chris Mawson

2008 – 2009:  Nancy Primavera & Jamie Susino

2007 – 2008:  Enza Cacace (Fall 2007) & Bridget Matthews

2006 – 2007:  Kelly Harold & Tom LaVecchia

Spring 2006:  Kelly Harold & Kieran Valla

2004 – 2005:  Pam Rappaport & Kieran Valla

2003 – 2004:  Amanda Keane (Fall 2003) & Clayton VanNortwick

2002 – 2003:  Jamie Cohen & Marcus Scigliano

2001 – 2002:  Joe Lombino & Dave Ringel